Within USA Softball, only two states have officially been sanctioned for "Pixie" Division softball. Texas and California are the two states currently sanctioned to play Pixie Division, or softball for players ages 5 - 8. There are two Pixie Divisions, the 6U and 8U divisions for girls who are ready to learn the game of softball before their ninth birthday.

The Pixie Division adheres to rules somewhat different from the established, older divisions. These rules are designed to teach young players a fundamental understanding of softball in a fun environment.

Click here to download the latest (10/06/2023) USA Softball Pixie Division Rules

USA Softball Official Rules of Play

USA Softball Rule Books are not for sale. Rule books are included with registration materials when you register your USA Softball team or when you register as an Umpire. 

These are the rules of play as determined by the USA Softball in 2024.  For more information, visit the USA Softball website, District 11 J.O. Youth Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners, District 11 UIC, and / or the District 11 Commissioner.

USA Softball Code (2024)

The USA Softball Code is the official code of operations, governance, and organization of USA Softball and can be found on the USA Softball website at www.usasoftball.com. The USA Softball Code is a comprehensive, in-depth document determining the vision, mission, values, goals, and the administration and organization to ensure fruition of the aforementioned, as determined by USA Softball.

Click here to download the latest (2024) USA Softball procedural manual
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Click here to download the latest (2024) Official Rules of Softball
Click here to download the latest (2024) changes with comments to USA Softball Rules

*The most current (accurate) definition of the USA Softball rules of play may not be reflected in legacy copies of USA Softball material. For the latest, most accurate documentation see your local district commissioner or state association commissioner or refer to the rules book distributed to you upon annual registration.