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 District 11
District 11
USA Softball of Texas
USA Softball of Texas       
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All board members, coaches, assistant coaches, team administrators and umpires will be required to have 
USA Softball Background checks and be SafeSport certified to be on the field for the 2021 season. If you haven't, you need to start doing the requirements now. 
You may begin background checks along with safe sport for the 2021 season ANYTIME, at

​If you need assistance with the registration process please call Rick at:(325) 338 - 9999


If you have questions or to register you may call:

Rick LeBleu (325) 338-9999 or Willie Beck (325) 439-1153
From USA Softball of Texas:

The Executive Board has voted on a Covid-19 policy for the remainder of the 2020 season. While this is still a very fluid and ever changing
scenario, we think that this is the best action that we can take at this time. We are still hoping that we can play ball this year but that has
yet to be determined. There will not be a flipping of a switch and we will be back to normal and playing ball. The state will reopen at
different times and we must still follow our local government and health official’s guidelines. With that being said, below is our Covid-19
action plan for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Covid-19 Action Plan:

  * First and foremost, the safety of our participants and fans are of utmost importance. As the state of Texas slowly reopens, leagues and
cities may be reopening parks and games and tournaments may start up again. The position of USA Softball of Texas is that each league and
district follow the guidelines and orders of their local county and city health and governmental officials. If you have games and tournaments
being played, then the players, teams and umpires MUST BE registered.

  * 2020 Pixie State tournaments will be postponed until later in the summer. Each site is working on alternate dates. When those dates are
finalized, we will get that information out to each district.

  * 2020 B/C State tournaments will be postponed until later in the summer. Again, each site is working on alternate dates for some time in
July. When those dates are finalized, we will get that information out to each district.

  * 2020 A State tournaments will be postponed until the fall. Teams will qualify for the 2021 nationals out of those tournaments. If you
have teams that want to go a national tournament in 2020 (if held) each district commissioner will need to request a berth through their area
director and then they will make a recommendation to the state commissioner for approval.

  * Any umpire that attended a state school in 2020, will have one year added to their timeline before they will have to attend another school
to remain eligible for state and national tournaments.

  * If any of the districts have a start back to play policy, please send a copy to the state office. We will share all of those policies with
all districts.

Please remember that this is still a very fluid situation and may change. This is the plan for now, but may need to be adjusted if things
go awry in the state.

Stay vigil and stay safe,

Rodney Cobb
President, USA Softball
State Commissioner, USA Softball of Texas
Please contact Willie Beck at (325) 439 - 1153 or Rick LeBleu at (325) 338 - 9999 before you start to register you players for the fall softball season after September 1, 2020.